Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update on my life.

This afternoon Diana asked me to come with her to a meeting with a local club/group of people that she was asked to come and speak about Confidential Care. She is going to start grooming me to speak to the groups of people that ask us to come and share about our ministry. More specifically she wants me to be able to speak at the youth groups and schools about abstinence etc. And after work today I helped her with a bible study/ bible camp thing for the kids at West Union. I'm starting to connect names with faces and faces into families. And people are starting to recognize me and call me by name. It's actually nice to have someone walk by you and smile at you because they genuinely like you after meeting you briefly the week before. A huge improvement seeing that I was use to knowing everyone very well that I interacted with regularly.
Today Diana officially announced that I'm her adopted daughter/sidekick/brain. Diana is a hoot and I love her to death. And I love making her laugh :) I think I've mentioned her at least once in every post since I met her. lol.
Something I've learned I lacked in when I moved out here to Millington: Social skills. Literally. I wasn't adept in introducing myself to strangers and having a normal length conversation that wasn't awkward. Some of my friends were really good at making friends and thus those people they met would just become my friends. I never had to initiate an awkward-first-conversation-ice-breaker. At first it was like that but I've learned (from a couple of weeks of constant exercise, a crash course of how to win friends and influence people) that looking someone in the eyes, genuinely smiling, and conveying that you are truly interested in whatever their response is going to be, you get off on the right foot. And its easy from there. If anyone remembers when I was younger I was shy. I think it was mainly because I was afraid of a lot of things. Weird, huh? I was mainly afraid of adults, if I remember how it felt back then, I think I felt every adult was out to get me in trouble and report me to my parents. So I shied away from interacting with them. Well anyway... one day I realized I was shooting myself in the foot by being shy. I don't really know what made me make the connection of being shy=actually ruining my life. Anyway, I'm a social butterfly now a days :)
This Saturday Justice and I are helping a nearby photographer pass out fliers at a festival. It's kinda connected with Confidential Care that's how we got recruited. We're going to be on our feet from 7am to about 5pm with required meal breaks etc. Wish us luck :) I met the guy I'm going to be working for, Matt, and we had an entire conversation and he gave me directions to get to his shop. And he asked me how old I was and when I told him I was 19 he said 'I thought you were younger than that, you look younger' I laughed! Then we joked about how everyone older than about 30 wants to be told that so I'm just ahead of my game etc.
That bible study I mentioned that I was wanting to join at West Union is starting this Sunday, I won't make it to the first meeting but I'm very interested in seeing who is all going to attend the up and coming meetings. I still haven't met everyone who attends West Union, especially not anyone that's is closer to my age who isn't away at college.
The weather has been gorgeous and perfect for horse riding. Judah stayed the weekend with us last week and he and Justice saddled up Ben and Toni's horses and went on a ride. They told me about it when I got home from Jackson, MS. I was little concerned at first and I quizzed them about all the tack and how they put it on the horses. But they did very well and the saddles stayed on, I wonder how long it took them because the horses aren't very good with taking a bit. It isn't rocket science or anything to tack up a horse, but it sure was entertaining to hear them explain what they did and use a bunch of names for things like the girth etc that they made up :)
So that's a short update on my life. More to come in the future if you're still interested :) Sorry about there not being any pictures I'm not a photograph-ish minded person so my first reactions to things is not whipping out a camera and capturing it. Sorry :)

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