Monday, November 30, 2009

Just the Beginning

Hi, this is just the beginning of hopefully many installments on my adventures of life and perhaps others. Why I wanted to make a blog about the adventures of life because they are the best ones....the only ones actually.
One of the ones that I am about to have as of December 2009 is a trip to Mexico on a missions trip. I am going with a group of 6 people sort of like a pioneer trip to the Village Jason and Nichole Fitzpatrick are building in Tenango de Las Flores. It is still in the beginning stages. From my understanding- which isn't very extensive at the moment- it is somewhere in between two mountains out in the boonies. I'm guessing that it is a group of Mexicans coming together as a community under the leadership/guidance of Jason and Nichole. They have been missionaries there for a while.
Anyway.... it is a 2 day drive through Mississippi then Louisiana and then through Texas and finally crossing the border in Brownsville Texas. We are planning on leaving after a Christmas Program the school children here in Rose Creek Village (explanation in a later post). Which we are hoping to leave before 12 am. The date we are leaving is the 18th of December. One thing we have learned with doing something big like this is that you have to give a few things up. For us we are missing a really awesome Christmas that the young people here in Rose Creek are putting together, New Years, and Mrs. Gannah's birthday (on of the people going on the trip) and my 18th birthday. The people also going on this trip to Mexico is Asher (Gannah's husband), my dad Saraph, Dassi (my best friend), and Elena.
I know for myself I am so excited!! Going to another country for 2 weeks to help and serve is an amazing opportunity. What I am extremely surprised by is that personally the devil hasn't tried to shut me down. Maybe it is only time before something challenges me. Every time one of God's children take a step to further the kingdom or take a step closer to God, the adversary tries in every way to come in and weaken your attempts or to shut you down. I think I am ready though and hopefully I can roll with the punches and keep my focus in the right direction....God and everything that He is.
Just for a taste of what this blog in the future will have is:
-what Rose Creek Village is
-my belief
-and more of my adventures and others adventures

I hope you will keep reading .........
Samantha Jane