Monday, December 20, 2010

First of MANY trips to Texas

In about 2 1/2 weeks I will be going to San Antonio, Texas to take my first test on Module 1: Introduction to Midwifery. I have 5 other fellow students that I will get to meet. Basically I will be in a classroom like setting from 8am-5pm with an hour lunch break Thursday, January 6th and Friday, January 7th. This test won't be very hard but unfortunately I still have a couple of assignments that I need to complete to turn in the night of January 5th. So I will be cramming those in with my current A&P lessons. Now the A&P test/workshop/class thing will be considerably harder when I have to go again to San Antonio in May. Because Anatomy and Physiology hands down is just harder than learning the rules and regulations for being a midwife in Texas or learning the history of Midwifery. So another little update about my up-incoming first of MANY trips to Texas.
I also got invited to Becky's birth which will be in January sometime. She's due the end of January but everyone knows she'll go before her due date :). I am so tickled that she invited me not to help but to be there, I was happy and giddy all day long (no joke). Another thing is she has a Memphis midwife attending her birth so I will get to meet her and her assistant. And just all the opportunities that offers are amazing! I really can't wait!!!!