Monday, August 30, 2010

Midwifery Course!

Old news but I sent in my application for my Midwifery Course on August 9th, I think. But I received my orientation email on the 25th. Just to sum everything up..... I picked to start my course at a real crunch time. Meaning I pretty much have to do the first two modules at the same time. Which supposedly it is do-able. So with feeling the pressure from that thought and what it will cost as in study time. My course coordinator had attachments at the bottom of the email. Pretty much the Student's Handbook, ways to Efficiently Study, and the pre-module 1. Plus I had to do a bunch of surveys from different college websites to figure out which way I will learn the best. Which to one of them (there are three) I am a tactile/kinesthetic learner. Another I am a good balance of Active and Reflective, and Sequential and Global (with tendencies to be more Global), and have a moderate preference to be more Sensing rather than Intuitive, and Visual to Verbal. I have one more to take which is the one I will take more seriously but I have to pay a fee to receive my official answer, to this one there are 214 questions.
Another thing is I have to get books to study and the instructors especially stress that you have the latest edition. I had a couple of the books that previously studying people had, but I discovered since I am the only midwife of my generation here in the village, every book is like the 2nd edition when I need the 3rd etc. So now I am having to buy pretty much all new books, and books are expensive.Particularly books with a lot of information in them. So the next aspiring midwives might be able to use my editions of books before they update everything.
And on top of all that I have to have the first module done before the end of December because I have to go to San Antonio, Texas for my first workshop/test. Which shouldn't be to hard I think, if I don't have a social life anymore. But I think I can do this. For some really good reason God really wants me to become a midwife, He has been letting everything fall into place thus far. Not to mention I really want to become a midwife.
This is an update of my current adventure of life is.