Monday, August 22, 2011

Possibly new additions to my never ending education

I'm seriously researching and discovering the possibility of going to college for 13 months and getting the certification of sonographer or in other words an ultrasound technician. Trying to find a school nearby that won't require me to have a bachelor's degree first....
What got me seriously thinking about it was my most amazing boss Diana. At the CC (Confidential Care for Women-- the organization I'm volunteering at) we offer free ultrasounds, and obviously we have to have someone certified to use the equipment. We have 1 nurse that volunteers 2 days a week and a head nurse that comes every other week. So having one more person with the ability to give ultrasounds is a plus. AND.... we are having a banquet Bellevue in a couple of months to raise money to get a mobile ultrasound unit (read their mission statement but check out their site as well), which is totally awesome! Please check it out. Another plus in having the knowledge of using the ultrasound equipment is just having the knowledge in my midwifery career :) An awesome win win situation ;) So just one more dream to hopefully come true one day.
Working on joining the soon to be established bible study at West Union for college kids and young couples. But other than that just hanging out and meeting more people. Helping Diana with another children's church/drama based out of Nehemiah, which West Union is going to start before the Christmas drama I'm also going to help her with. So everything is great out here in Millington.


  1. Hope this works....I'm very excited about what you're doing and so glad you're getting a direction! It's sometimes hard to find where we're supposed to go and what we're supposed to do, but I'm glad God's taking you to places and people where He shows you His path. Love you! Chavvah

  2. Hi Samantha, It sounds like you are doing great. I am so glad you are finding your way in the things you feel God leading you in. Keep going and continue to always be who He's making you to be. We are doing well here in Kenya and about ready to come home for a while. Just got a email update from your dad and sounds like everything is going great in Millington. Miss and love you all Noah