Wednesday, August 3, 2011

update from living in Millington

Been very busy the past week. Meeting a ton of people and working on forming relationships with quite a few of them.

Last Sunday, my family attended church with Ben, Toni, and Andrew. West Union Presbyterian church quite literally just down the street from our house. The members are mainly older people but these people have literally grown up in this church. But after attending that one service I was approached and asked if I would like to help with VBS, joining the choir, and had set up a coffee date with a lady named Francis to hear about quite a few organizations and programs she has pulled together.

She has great vision for a lot of things and she really has a burden on her heart for the young people in the Millington area. She has a 13 year old daughter who has a lot of the same interests as I do or is need of help and direction with things that I have some knowledge in. She is about to get a horse given to her and I offered to give her all the knowledge I have with training horses, she and I are interested in becoming homemakers so when talking with her mom different options were coming up for us to both learn how to quilt, knitt, etc. etc. And she originally was wanting to become a labor and delivery nurse so when I mentioned about becoming a midwife she was highly intrigued to maybe start in that direction rather than doing the whole nursing degree path. Just to name a few things.

Diana, my boss at Confidential Care for Women, has asked me to help her with her Christmas drama at West Union and recruited me to pass out fliers at an up and coming event. I think she really likes me ;-) And I really like her too so anything she asks for my help with I'm more than willing to do.

Still doing my research to finding a midwife to apprentice with. Francis mentioned a certified midwife in the area that she knows so maybe I can meet with her and maybe work something out there. Who knows, everything is very exciting. It feels like our focus out here is slowly becoming about forming relationships and doing things for the community's youth. Going to work on meeting more people my age and getting some friendships out here. Starting to really miss being able to hang out with (more specifically girls) people my age. So we will see....

But been busy and entirely enjoying myself. God is really giving me an opportunity to form relationships and connections with people that I'm going to use for the rest of my life. That's exciting in itself.


  1. I'm so excited for you, sis, keep it up!!! Love you <3

  2. Im so happpy for you, thats the best news ever! i <3 you to death janey